Adasaur gathers and stores commercial and performance data from Your Shopify and associated Google account to summarize and present details on how sales are performing in relation with ads.

What data we access?

On Shopify app install You agree to provide data about orders and products. Data are stripped from any personal info about buyers. In the feature we might ask You to update permissions to expand performance reports e.g. if we add capabilities to show order locations etc. Any new data won’t be available to us without Your consent.

After Shopify app is installed You’ll be asked to connect Your Google account to provide access to Google Content API and Google Ad API so that performance of ads could be tied to particular orders and products.

It is important to understand that access to Google of Shopify account can be revoked at any time, so You have full control of Your data.

Please remember, that You always stay the owner of provided data. We do not use commercial or performance info to get any personal or corporate gains.

How long we retain your data

Your data stay on our servers as long as You keep using the app. If You decided to revoke access to Google account and / or uninstall Shopify app, we will delete data in a period of one month.

Storage of data

Data we collect are kept on our dedicated servers in Poland. Please be aware that we do not collect any personal data about You clients, visitors etc. All performance data, viewed on our app are impersonal.